Monthly Archives: October 2011

Wool House Farm has cattle invasion

Our neighbour breeds cattle and had 11 heifers in the field next to our gardens.   While we were away overnight, the naughty girls got through a gap in the fence caused by deer.   You’d be amazed (we were!) at the amount of devastation they caused.  We don’t have much of a flower garden left and our lawns resembled a field.  Never mind, nature is a wonderful thing and I am already amazed how the gardens have recovered.  After a winter’s rest it’ll all be as good as new.

The rains we’ve just had have evened out the ground already and the river and pond are looking wonderful.  The autumn colours in the surrounding trees are just beautiful.  Paul and I have at last found time to walk some of the many footpaths that lead right from our doorstep.  The surrounding countryside is beautiful in autumn and there is so much to see.

The Chickens have landed

We are now the proud owners of 4 chickens and 2 bantams.  They live in a lovely chicken house just by the alpacas’ pen.  We’re told that alpacas will protect the chickens from foxes.   We have 2 Sussexs (Mrs and Mrs Sussex), a Plymouth (Lois) a hybrid (Henny Penny) and two Pekin Bantams (Dotty and Rosie).  They were only 10 weeks or so old when then arrived two weeks ago so are still a little young to lay eggs.  Nevertheless, the laying box is thoroughly examined everyday just in case of a miracle.

Autumn is a lovely time to visit the Dorset area, and the trees are now taking on the beautiful autumn colours.  There are so many walks around Owl Barn and some start right on our doorstep. 

(9th October 2011)



Apple picking time at Woolhouse farm

It’s apple picking time at Woolhouse farm right now.  We’ve a lovely orchard with nine trees bursting with fruit.  The deer love to visit the orchard to scrump the windfalls.  It is a lovely time to visit the Blackmore Vale, especially with our lovely early autumn weather.  Owl Barn is a lovely retreat for a relaxing holiday in the Blackmore Vale.  We have good availability for autumn short breaks with some good special offers.